Selfish Charity

I think that most charitable people try to give to those who are in a state of need that they have not brought on themselves. That being said, I don’t think that anyone gives charitably for the good of anyone else when you look at the core of their reasoning. It’s a way of justifying what is a natural, evolutionary reaction. Organisms in general help those around them whose survival depends on the same needs as their own. Meaning: if we both need oxygen and you’re running out of it while I have a surplus, I believe that a subconscious reflex occurs and I naturally feel the need to help you. Plants do this. Trees will share nutrients with their sick neighbors when they are abundantly healthy themselves. They can even warn each other of incoming diseases so that their neighbors can prepare for it. This may seem “charitable” and selfless behavior but it’s not. It is built in to evolution and nature knows for us that our long-term survival (the survival of our own species) depends on our environment thriving as well.
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Well You Don’t See

The visual information that a fly’s brain receives while in action is filtered in a way that eliminates potentially misleading signals. This is what a study by scientists at Rockefeller University has found by measuring electrical activity in individual neurons in their brains.

The brain has the ability to tell whether or not motion is self-generated and can cancel out information that might otherwise cause us to feel (and act) as if our surroundings were spiraling out of control. The Rockefeller team is attempting to decode this neural information in fruit flies and find out how the brain processes visual information to control behavior.
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Doppelgänger of truth

While avoiding the dented up complexities of daily convention, maybe there is another thread of existence staring right at us. Squint hard, attempt (inadequately) to gather your thoughts in a novel way and then look again. Everything has moved, obviously. Do you believe that it has attempted to deceive or elude you? Surely it has done both of those things.

Applying mind to matter gives us assurance that it is quite easily morphed and manipulated. No assurance is given that that is not just a nifty guise – a distraction even. Contentment is a leap beyond survival. We feel happiness by exceeding survival and continually pulling those instincts into infinitely new and perhaps perverted realms. The illusion becomes real. Continue reading “Doppelgänger of truth”

Dollars for Dollar

Every dollar produced is loaned out at interest. Hence, every dollar produced is debt plus a certain percentage of debt based on that dollar. Since the banking system has a monopoly on the production of the currency and they loan each dollar out with an immediate debt attached to it, where does the money to pay for the debt come from? It can only come from the banks again. Which means that the banks have to perpetually increase their money supply to temporarily cover the outstanding debt created. Since, in turn, that money is loaned out as well it creates even more debt. The end result is that neither the government nor the public can ever come out from underneath it.

(paraphrased from the somewhat surrealistically critical film: “Zeitgeist: The Movie”)