Technology Pause?

Humanity‚Äôs current, empirical flaw is its inherent desire to place the acquisition of technological progressions above the needs of basic survival for all.  I am, like many people in this day and age, a proponent of never even attempting to “fight” technology. But perhaps there’s an overlooking of opportunities.

New standards and systems that are already in place should be augmented and amplified for the good of the forgotten. The pioneers will always declare that their great successes always find their way down to the bare boned masses after time and economy settles and evens out. But, does it find a proper resting place in the end? Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we do nothing purely for others. At best, we claim to pursue charitable ventures, but even that is a ruse for a placating of our own pride. Give up the instant excess and spread it evenly among the creators and the people. There is no need for humanity to race towards a red light.


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